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| Visual Studio.NET 2013 | Visual Studio 2010 | Visual Studio 2008. The End Copyright © 2009-2020. All rights reserved. For licensing and copyright information, please see the com/license.txt file.Q: ExecuteScalar returning NULL when querying for data in SQL Server I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out why my database is returning NULL for an executed query. The stored proc is designed to return a single ID of the row that was queried (mySQL). From the C# code, I am executing the stored proc in the usual manner, and it returns null for the ID, but I was expecting 1. This is the only ID that is returned, and I have no row that matches my criteria (all search criteria are limited to one result). Why is my C# code returning NULL? SqlCommand command = new SqlCommand("SELECT ID FROM SearchResults WHERE RowId= @RowId and RegionId= @RegionId and MarketId= @MarketId and Type= @Type and Status= @Status and Code= @Code and Name= @Name and Score= @Score and SearchTerms= @SearchTerms", Connection); command.Parameters.Add("@RowId", SqlDbType.Int); command.Parameters["@RowId"].Value = rowID; command.Parameters.Add("@RegionId", SqlDbType.Int); command.Parameters["@RegionId"].Value = regionID; command.Parameters.Add("@MarketId", SqlDbType.Int); command.Parameters["@MarketId"].Value = marketID; command.Parameters.Add("@Type", SqlDbType.Int); command.Parameters["@Type"].Value = type; command.Parameters.Add("@Status", SqlDbType.Int); command.Parameters["@Status"].Value = status; command.Parameters.Add("@Code", SqlDb




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Keygen Xforce Para Inventor Professional 2014 64 Bits neygabo
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